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 Art You  Very Much ;-)

Support local artists


​Artist would like to receive €500 for her painting.

By setting the support value at €50, she needs 10 people to support her, to receive the price she wants.

She decides to give every person that supports her a voucher of €65, that is €15 more than the support value.

As soon as 10 people have supported, the artist has received the price she wanted, and one of the supporters receives the painting, determined by a (random) algorithm.

All 10 people can use their voucher as soon as they receive it (!) when buying one of the artist's artwork of at least the same value as the one displayed (INCLUDING the one displayed, if the grid is ON). Or they can give the voucher to someone else. No matter what, it means there are 10 potential future sales, whereby the buyer receives a discount of €65.

When after 4 months only 4 people have supported, the artist can decide to stop her participation OR continue her participation for some more months, to allow other supporters to come in. The 4 people that already supported will appreciate that of course, since they still have a chance to receive the painting.

But no matter what the artist decides, all supporters received a voucher that has more value than the support amount they paid.

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