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 Art You  Very Much ;-)

Supporting local artists

How it works?

In short: support, receive voucher, get lucky!

 ART YOU  VERY MUCH provides an easy, old-school, straight forward way to support your local artists while receiving a valuable voucher in return immediately. That is the win-win.

And... if you're lucky, you might as well receive the artwork (*) displayed on the artist page on top of that! That's what we call  the extraordinary win-win.

Artists define a fixed support value, the amount of supporters needed, and a voucher value, indicated by these 3 symbols on their artist page:




Artist at Work

Supporter receive a voucher that can be used when buying one of the artist's available artworks of at least the same value as the artwork displayed. The voucher value is always higher than the support value, making it a guaranteed return on investment for you as an art buyer, or a nice gift to surprise another art lover you may know. Artists are free to determine a voucher validity, with a minimum of 1 year.

As soon the amount of supporters has been reached, one of the supporters - the lucky one - receives the artwork (*) directly from the artist, determined by an unpredictable (random) algorithm as to make sure all chances are equal. That's one piece of art for a slice of the usual value!

(*) Note that when the grid symbol is shown next to the artwork, it means that you can choose out of the artwork of the artist available at that time (with a same value of the artwork displayed). The extra choice is offered by the artist, for in case the displayed artwork happens to be sold.

Artist pages are active for at least 4 months, but in most cases until the minimum amount of people have been reached. This has no impact whatsoever on vouchers that have been distributed. Every sympathizer can lead as many art lovers as possible to the artist's page on our site. It's all about maximizing support for local artists.

Ready to support your local artist?  ART YOU  VERY MUCH in advance for that! ;-)


ART YOU VERY MUCH is a registered service.