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 Art You  Very Much ;-)

Supporting local artists

Ready to take off?

ART YOU  VERY MUCH offers an easy, old-school, straight forward way to allow people to support you as a local artist, whether you're a starting, searching, amateur or settled artist.

What's the cost for me as an artist?

The choice is yours:

  • BASIC participation = FREE OF CHARGE

    • FREE artist page on the platform

    • FREE picture of your artwork

    • FREE link to your website

    • The amount of BASIC participations is restricted per region

    • A BASIC participation expires automatically after 4 months, but can be turned into a PREMIUM participation at your request at any time 
    • A BASIC participation is turned into a PREMIUM participation automatically from the moment people start to support you

    • So as long as it doesn't bring you anything, it costs you nothing, nada, zero? That's right!

  • PREMIUM participation = the price of cups of coffee a month

    • FREE artist page on the platform

    • FREE picture of your artwork

    • FREE link to your website

    • Access to the member pages with extra's

    • A PREMIUM participation lasts for at least 4 months, but can be extended if you want

No other hidden costs? Nope. We only ask you to play the game by the rules.

Below, you can find out in detail:

You can find an example of how it all works for you [here] and read how it all works for the people that support you [here].

What's in it for me as an artist? top

  • You can start earning money with your artwork right away, even if people would never pay the full price for it.

  • You become part of the artists community on the  ART YOU  VERY MUCH website, you can use the  ART YOU  VERY MUCH badge and you get access to the member pages with extras.

  • You only have to show one piece of art that represents you or of which you're very proud. There's no need to reveal the rest of your creations, if you're not ready for it yet.

  • You don't have to ask for support yourself: you can easily invite your fans, family, friends, colleagues, and so on to  ART YOU  VERY MUCH, you don't even need website of your own.

  • You get overloaded with compliments at an art fair or people enjoy your art during an exhibition, but it doesn't lead to a sale? There's a good chance people are willing to show their gratitude via  ART YOU  VERY MUCH.

  • You will get to know people that really want to support you, allowing you to take extra care of that precious group of people: you can invite them to your atelier, your (first) exhibition, and so on.

  • Your artwork will get more visibility, more people than just the ones you invite will see it: people in your neighborhood, village, city are watching too.

  • By offering a voucher in return for support, you surely increase the potential for new sales, as people will come back to buy an artwork using the voucher. 10 vouchers means 10 possible sales.

  •  ART YOU  VERY MUCH only attracts people that really want to support local artists i.o. discount hunters. Our visitors have the heart in the right place.

  • And maybe the most important thing: in the end, you receive the full price for your artwork, so you will never just give away your precious artwork! And the final destination will always be one of the people that supported you.

Painting Equipments

Great. I'm in, what's next? top

  1. Select one artwork that you want to be displayed on the  ART YOU  VERY MUCH website. Make sure it is an artwork that you are willing to offer to one of your supporters.

  2. Send us one or more pictures (preferably via WeTransfer) and the details about your (own!) artwork at the below mail address, and let us know the following using [this form]:

    • the fixed support value = what a supporter will pay

    • the amount of supporters needed = the amount of supporters is needed to receive the price you want

    • the voucher value = the discount someone with a voucher receives when buying an artwork in at least the same price range as the artwork displayed (ensure it is higher than the support value, to make it attractive)

    • the voucher validity (at least 1 year)

    • grid ON/OFF
        OFF = the lucky one receives the displayed artwork 

         ON = the lucky one can choose from available artwork of the same value of the displayed one

    • free delivery distance = the amount of km for free delivery (otherwise collection possible)

    • [OPTIONAL] an access code = e.g. when you only allow specific invitees to access your artist page, before conquering the world (in that case [P] from "private" appears next to your name)

  3. As soon as we verified the details, and also that your artwork is family proof, we'll get in touch. If the maximum amount of selected artists has not been reached you will receive all details to finalize your participation. Otherwise, we can add you to our waiting list, and we'll contact you as soon as there's an opening.

  4. Once your participation has been finalized, you'll receive the link to your artist page, and you can start inviting your fans, friends, family, colleagues, and so on to start supporting you. As long as your participation lasts and the minimum amount of supporters has not been reached, your artist page remains active. We ask you to give people at least 4 months time to support you. After 4 months, it's up to you to decide if you want to extend your participation or not. No tacit renewals here!

  5. We'll put you in touch with anyone who fills out the form to support you, so you can coordinate for payment and exchange of the voucherLet us know immediately when you received the payment, to make sure we don't send unnecessary reminders. As soon as the minimum amount of supporters is reached, we reveal the lucky one via mail (with you in copy).

Make sure you reserve the displayed artwork for the entire participation period (unless you activated the grid). Note that finally both you and the lucky one will receive a message for arranging the delivery of the artwork. No one wants to feel tricked at that time, right?

What's in it for your supporter(s)? top

  • They get to know your artwork, that - possibly - you present for the first time. A nice surprise.

  • They receive a valuable voucher in return for their support, with a value that is higher than the support value, so no money is lost if they decide to buy an artwork.

  • The voucher can be used as a present to other people, which makes it an ideal gift for art lovers, and for the supporter money well spent.

  • One very lucky supporter receives one of your artworks for only a slice of the normal price. A great story to tell at a coffee table.

Working on a Pottery Wheel

Where's the fine print? top

 ART YOU  VERY MUCH was launched by artists, for artists, so we don't want things to get too complicated. We just hope to reach genuine, honest artists, and genuine, honest supporters. Our old-school approach should also allow people that are not into apps or online payment systems to participate.

Well, maybe we should add this:

  • In case you have no artwork available when the amount of supporters has been reached and the  lucky one has been determined,  ART YOU  VERY MUCH needs to to inform your supporters that you will pay back all support received, and no future participation is allowed. Ditto when your artwork turns out not to be your own. Auwch. Let's quickly forget that scenario ;-)  Genuine and honest, you know.

  • Changes to our service will be communicated to all participants in advance, and come into effect at the start of a new participation period (unless you can benefit from it immediately). And since we cannot promise eternity, we reserve the right to limit a participation period to 4 months.

  • Since we are dependent on hardware and software of our providers, we can not be held accountable for any malfunctioning and/or downtime of the  ART YOU  VERY MUCH website and/or any type of loss that may occur as a consequence. Needless to say that, in case that should happen, we'll pour a proportional cup of coffee. We come in peace.


ART YOU VERY MUCH is a registered service.