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Original information displays for paintings and sculptures (*)

"A tight, professional look-and-feel for every
work of art!"

  • Ready to hang, made out of one piece

  • Produced with an environmentally-friendly type of plastic (suitable for recycling)

  • Equipped with a hole to hang over a nail or screw

  • Standard size:

    • Fits on every painting (*) with a frame of min. 1,2 cm depth and max. 6,5 cm high

    • Suitable for all standard business cards of 8,5 x 5,5 cm

    • Can be covered with an additional plexi glass as an extra protection

    • Equipped with an extra inlay for (price) cards of 6.5 x 3.5 cm (frame effect)

  • Other sizes and models available on request

  • Available as sets of 5 or 10, in different models (landscape or portrait) and in different lengths and colors (white or neutral)

  • But above all ... easily reusable!

(*) Also check our [K]art-it solutions for (flat) (photo) frames and sculptures here!


"Finally, no more stickers on the wall ..."

"What a time saving during preparation of my exhibitions!"


Contact us via the form below.  Only on order!

[K]art-it is een geregistreerd product.  [K]art-it is a registered product.
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