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Uniformity all over the art fair floor


  • The info displays lead to uniformity from booth to booth, all over the art fair floor

  • All attention goes to the artwork, and no longer to the (sloppy) stickers on the walls

  • Exhibiting artists print their own cards with title, price or info of their work using a template (business card format)

  • Visitors and passersby immediately find the info they are looking for and are less likely to walk by

  • The info displays can be reused at every next art fair!

  More info

  • The info displays come in different models:

    • Standard and Flat: for hanging artwork

    • Sculpture and Profile : for standing artwork

    • Business: business card holder

  • Multi functional, self-assembly based on basic info display with corresponding hook or foot

  • Hanging info displays have 1 or 2 holes to hang over a nail or hook

  • Info displays are white or black (other colors and/or custom work on request)

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