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KATAR(T)SKI (derived from the Greek kátharsis) is the artistic work of the Belgian painter, composer and writer I.D. (Roeselare, 1973) from Zingem, East-Flanders.

"And then suddenly there is that flow of thoughts that doesn't seem to come to an end. Like impatient words that shamelessly impose themselves on me, looking for sound, a sounding board. A new work comes to life. Then I must stand still. Start questioning. Grope around. Dig deeper. Move and be moved. Hurt if necessary. Someone has to."

"Every canvas, every work of art, each title, phrase or composition, they are merely the pieces of an unlabeled puzzle. My lyrics and poems, my musical thoughts, they are just shortcuts that lead to a better understanding of the core of my work."

"We could easily be
as fragile as snow

when sun comes in
and melts our heart"


I.D. lives from his art.  Or more precise, art keeps him alive.  His work is exhibited at public locations in Belgium and abroad - mostly in a multimedia format, and was seen previously on television, and in a number of leading (international) publications. In 2019 he presented his multimedia project in Copenhagen in cooperation with Sabam for Culture. His music  - the soundtrack to his artwork - is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal and Deezer. I.D. is the inventor and producer of [K]art-it ®.

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