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piano and guitar lessons for young and old(er) 

Music Set


You always dreamed of playing the piano or guitar, but you never held an instrument or you can't read notes? You want to make music right away instead of getting stuck in theory for months? Or maybe you are tired of reading scores, and you want to learn to improvise or compose your own songs?

"The (private) lessons of MUZeKA are aimed at people that want to get started quickly,
and want to achieve results right away. Making music comes first!


So you want to become a piano or guitar hero? Don't wait until you grow up! Now is the time!

MUZeKA would be happy to help you find your way to a first song.

We ensure that you become familiar with your (new) instrument. We take the first steps in the world of music very quickly using (funny) songs, so that you can start playing music already after a few lessons.

The message is to start young! 
The youngest students at MUZeKA start at the age of 6 - 7 years.



You are never too old to learn an instrument, even if you don't have a musical background or can't read notes (scores).

MUZeKA will help you to get to know your (new) instrument. Together we determine the path you want to follow: (light) classical music or (pop) songs, cabaret or the music of your favorite group or artist.

Chords, techniques, scores, rhythms, progressions or strumming?

The choice is yours!


For certain you play a first song after a few lessons. Music has no age!


You had a musical education, but you are tired of reading scores? You're not alone ;-)

Learn to play your favorite instrument without sheet music in front of you!

Or maybe you would like to play your songs in a different way? Or learn to improvise or write your own songs and/or start composing?

MUZeKA can teach you a number of techniques that will come in handy, and will enable you to start playing for hours, even without a score.

Piano in the lobby? Guitar on the wall? Here you come! :-)

"At MUZeKA we bring out the creativity in you.  No exams.
We prefer helping you to be able to play your favorite songs, or even better...

write your own songs!"​​

Piano Lesson
Girl Playing Guitar
  • For young and old(er)

  • No prior musical knowledge/background or music theory required

  • Individual approach (no pre-defined schedule)

  • Start any time during the year (if there is a place available)

  • Lessons on a weekly basis (1/2 hour)

  • Location: Zingem-Gavere-Oudenaarde region & online

More info via info @ muzeka . be !

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